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PT Holy Artha Niaga

is an Indonesian company engaged in the production of promotional items, particularly bags and purses. It was established in Jakarta, and commencedproductionand salesin late 2009, initially with the production of business diaries and cellphone holsters made from synthetic leather. However, as market needs evolved, the company became increasingly focused on the production of promotional items in the form of bags and purses. Now, as a direct manufacturer of these products, we boast a wide range of corporate clients; in addition, the company’s products are competitively priced so that they can be ordered and soldon by agents and reps.





To be a high-quality and market-leading promotional item production company with a focus on bags and purses




• To assist our clients in developing their companies’ branding needs through high-quality promotional items

• To help the government and local communities through providing employment opportunities, especially in the production and manufacturing sectors




Custom Design

We assist clients in designing a range of promotional bags starting with the materials, models and sizes that are needed and which fit within the client’s budget. In general, the client can simply send us a sample in the form of a physical mock-up or even an image, pictureor prototype. We will then recommend the material and advise on the production cost. When the materials and cost estimate have been approved, we will then produce a sample unit to ensure that our product fits perfectly with the needs of the client.




Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a professional company with a commitment to providing high levels of customer satisfaction, PT Holy Artha Niaga is committed to developing its products in accordance with the specifications promised. We are happy to repair or even exchange any product that is deemed inappropriate or not up to expectations, although this rarely happens.